Is there a difference in a Life Care Plan that is written for the plaintiff or the defense?

No.  A life care plan is an objective plan that is created based on each individual’s unique disability and needs over their lifetime.  A systematic approach is utilized with each life care plan that is written, regardless of the referral source.  The methodology remains consistent.  Oftentimes a defense attorney may request a review a plan written by a plaintiff’s life care planner.  In this role, the life care planner may not have the opportunity to have a clinical interview with the patient or collaborate with the individual’s treatment team.  However, a thorough review of the medical records and all supporting documents can ensure that the recommendations accurately reflect what was said or documented.  The life care planner can also assist the attorney in developing questions to be used during deposition of the patient to obtain further historical information or of the opposing life care planner to ensure accuracy of the plan.