What is involved in the process of writing a Life Care Plan?

Life Care Planners follow a consistent approach in developing each and every plan.  The standard methodology outlined below is utilized in every life care plan written by Moore Medical Consulting LLC.

• Initial referral is obtained
• Comprehensive review of medical records and supportive documentation.
• Clinical interview and history with the patient and other family members when possible.  A strong effort is made to obtain information from family members or close contacts who knew the individual prior to the injury, as well as after the injury.  The interview is ideally completed in the patient’s home to better understand their individual circumstances and needs.
• Consultation and collaboration with the individual’s current team of treatment providers to obtain recommendations for future care and to obtain necessary information not available in the medical records.  Additional consultation with economic and vocational experts as needed.
• Research of current clinical practice guidelines and relevant literature regarding the individual’s specific disability to support the recommendations given and provide a foundation for the life care plan.
• Development of the plan and necessary recommendations in each category of the life care plan (listed above in FAQs).
• Obtain costs for the services/items recommended.  When possible, three costs for each item in a geographically relevant area are obtained and a range of those costs is provided.  A life care plan is written on a “needs” basis and is not “funding based”.  Therefore, collateral funding sources and insurance status are not taken into account.  The plan outlines specific recommendations and needs for each individual based on their disability and is not limited by funding issues.  Costs are not provided for potential complications because the occurrence, severity, frequency, and duration of complications cannot be accurately predicted.

After a life care plan is complete, the plan may be reviewed by an economist to estimate the value of the costs over time and determine the plans lump sum present value. This can be arranged at the attorney’s request.