What information or categories are included in a Life Care Plan?

Moore Medical Consulting LLC uses a consistent and standard approach in generating life care plans. Although every life care plan follows the same blueprint, each plan is unique and individualized to the person’s specific disability.  The plan begins with a summary of the individual’s disabling problem and their prior medical history.  Past medical care related to the injury or disability and future recommendations are reviewed.  The individual’s physical limitations and their ability to complete activities of daily living are addressed.  Environmental influences, social activities, personal habits, and psychosocial functioning are also considered.  Recommendations are obtained from the individual’s current treating providers and based on thorough review of the medical records, current standards of practice, and review of relevant research.  Each recommendation provided includes the purpose for that item, when the item or service will be needed, duration of need, associated cost for the service, and the necessary frequency or replacement schedule for that item.  Recommendations are provided in concise charts in the following categories, when indicated:

• Projected Evaluations
• Projected Therapeutic Modalities
• Diagnostic Testing/Educational/Vocational Assessment
• Educational/Vocational Plan
• Future Routine Medical Care
• Future Medical/Surgical Intervention or Aggressive Treatment
• Medications
• Supplies
• Orthopedic Equipment
• Orthotics/Prosthetics
• Wheelchair Needs/Accessories/Maintenance
• Aids for Independent Function
• Home Care/Facility Based Care
• Health and Strength Maintenance and Equipment
• Transportation
• Architectural Renovations
• Potential Complications

Please feel free to contact Moore Medical Consulting LLC for a sample life care plan.