What is the difference in a Life Care Planner and a Case Manger?

A Life Care Planner reviews an individual’s medical records and collaborates with the healthcare treatment team to outline the current and future needs related to an individual’s disability or chronic medical problem.  They serve to educate all parties involved regarding the nature of the disability and future care recommendations.  Life Care Planners provide an objective […]

Are Life Care Planner’s credentialed?

Although it is not required to be certified as a life care planner, many professionals seek national certification.  Lindsay Moore, PA-C, CLCP is nationally certified as a Physician Assistant and a Certified Life Care Planner through the National Commission on Certification of Physician Assistants and the International Commission on Health Care Certification, respectively.

What is involved in the process of writing a Life Care Plan?

Life Care Planners follow a consistent approach in developing each and every plan.  The standard methodology outlined below is utilized in every life care plan written by Moore Medical Consulting LLC. • Initial referral is obtained • Comprehensive review of medical records and supportive documentation. • Clinical interview and history with the patient and other […]

What information or categories are included in a Life Care Plan?

Moore Medical Consulting LLC uses a consistent and standard approach in generating life care plans. Although every life care plan follows the same blueprint, each plan is unique and individualized to the person’s specific disability.  The plan begins with a summary of the individual’s disabling problem and their prior medical history.  Past medical care related […]

What types of cases may benefit from a Life Care Plan?

A Life Care Plan can be used to help estimate the economic damages and substantiate the needs of a variety of different injuries, such as: acquired brain injury, spinal cord injury, birth injury, burns, amputations/orthopedic injuries, or vaccine related injuries, to name a few.

What is the goal of a Life Care Plan?

A Life Care Plan is a document that outlines both medical and non-medical needs of an individual over their lifetime related to their specific disability. It provides a framework that individuals can use to better understand their own disability and how to appropriately manage their own care. It lays out the recommendations provided by the […]

Who utilizes a Life Care Plan?

Individuals and families: Individuals can benefit from having a life care plan to be financially prepared for the future needs of a loved one.  The plan outlines long-term medical, psychological, and rehabilitation needs over an individual’s lifetime and can also help prevent complications by knowing what to expect and how to properly manage the individual’s unique […]